I'm Angela, the owner and operator of The Beauty Sorcery.
I've had my own skincare line (Witchtrash) since March 2017,
it started off as mostly candles, jewelry, and some basic melt and pour soaps. Making my own soaps and experimenting with ingredients, sparked my interest in skincare. I decided to go to school to learn as much as I could about skincare. I started at The Aveda Institute in Tampa. I fell in love with skincare, and finally felt like I found my calling. I graduated Aveda as a Full Specialist, specializing in skincare. I'm also a licensed MUA & Lash Artist.  I started The Beauty Sorcery, A place for everyone, because I believe skin care is for EVERYONE. Despite gender, age, skin type, etc. The Beauty Sorcery is a place where everyone is invited to start their skincare journey and fall in love with themselves inside and out.  

Angela Evangelista

Owner/ Skin Care Specialist

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